Eco Explorations: 6 Things To Make With Plastic Bottles

While we should all use re useable water bottles, nevertheless, more than 1500 plastic water bottles are used every second in the United States. If you have some on hand, instead of trashing them, recycle. Better yet, here are some neat ways to re purpose and upcycle those empty plastic water bottles into crafts and such. Not only you upcycle, these are handy craft projects to keep kids busy during these winter months.

Bottles Recycle

These are fun recycled owl containers from

confetti launcher recycled

Find instructions for this confetti launcher from Craft Berry Bush.

Recycled Bird feeder

Make this backyard bird feeder from Spoonful.

crystal-crowns-process recycled

Older kids will enjoy creating these cool crowns, from Paper, plate and plane.


Make your own greenhouse from Spoonful.

String lights

These string lights are a great way to use those Christmas lights and empty plastic bottles, from Family Crafts.


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