Trick-or-Treat Math

Halloween Math

Sort, Estimate, Make Candy Graphs

When my oldest child came home from Kindergarten on Halloween day, he had a very important worksheet, and some very sweet homework.

After he was finished running his little legs off collecting candy, he got to do his homework. Yes, can you believe it? Homework! His instructions were to sort his candy, and then make a graph of each group that he had. He then counted each group and used his data to compare and contrast the candy that he received.
He had a blast, and quite honestly, so did the whole family!

Who doesn’t love to sort their Halloween candy all snug and warm in the house after a freezing night trick-or-treating? What’s that you say? You live in Florida and you can trick-or-treat as a life guard because it’s so warm? Stop bragging, and work with me, okay?

We actually loved this activity so much that we made it a tradition and do our candy graphs each year as a family. You can do a basic graph activity or you can make it harder for older kids by estimating and adding different variables.

Here are some examples of different trick-or-treating candy graphs and math activities you can use:

What fun activities do you do after Trick or Treating?

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