Yay summer!! This summer keep your kids occupied with these super fun back yard activities.  Lot’s of fun games to play and ways to cool off with creative uses of water!


1. Check out this super easy and refreshing water table! Great for small spaces and lots of fun! Spunky Family Journal has the info for this DIY project!


2. Another fun water activity is this DIY “Kid wash” made out of PVC pipes.  Easy to make and will keep your kids entertained for the whole summer!  Six Sister’s Stuff has a easy follow tutorial on how to make this fun summer toy.



3.  Start a rocking back yard band with these great Tine Can Music Station!  Check out Growing a Jeweled Rose for the how to on making this easy instrument!


4.  Another great outdoors activity for families with small children is backyard camping!  Don’t worry about to much planing Momtastic has The Ultimate Guide for backyard camping shenanigans.


5. Here is a cute take on a classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe.  Have the kids pain the ladybug and bumble bee rocks and once their dry you have a great and adorable summer time game! Check out Chicken Scratch NY for simple instructions.



6. I thought this looked super exciting and fun! Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean the activities have to stop! Check out this cool Glow in the Dark Ring Toss! Great for camping or backyard gatherings.  Natureb4 has instructions on how to make this brilliantly colorful game.



7. One of my favorite games to play is Jenga.  What’s better than Jenga you ask? GIANT JENGA! Make your own super awesome Giant Jenga set this summer!  Fun for all ages, even adults will like it.  Check out Instructables.com for directions on how to make this game!



8.  Frisbee Golf is a game I played all the time while growing up.  Almost any area can be turned into a Frisbee Golf course quite easily.  Check out how to make your own Frisbee Golf course from Little Gene Green Bean.


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