I am a strong believer that creativity shouldn’t stop after childhood. Here is a great craft that you can do with your kids and you will enjoy it just as much as them.


I stumbled upon a bunch of free 45 record’s at Bart’s Record Shop here in Boulder.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them when I first got them but as I accumulated supplies I quickly picked up new ideas and ways to turn these old scratched up forgotten records into beautiful and colorful pieces of art.



Some of the records I have created range from intricate hand drawn pictures to simple collages made with friends.  Mixed media collage’s are great! They are easy to make, super fun and brighten up a room.  If you want to make a record like this one don’t worry! We will show you how!


Step 1: Start with collecting your supplies


One or more vinyl’s


A compass for drawing circles do add shapes to your collage.


Lots and lots of magazines.  National Geographic is personally my favorite but any magazine will do.


Mod Podge or any kind of liquid glue.  I prefer Mod Podge  personally I like how it is water soluble and it can be used as a glaze at the end of your project to make sure and seal in unglued edges.   Also a disposable cup filled with water to keep your brushes in.  It helps keep the brushes stay soft so they don’t get hard from the sticky glue


Some type of ruler or a straight edge. It helps when it comes to ripping out the magazine pages.


Sharpie Paint Pens.  This can be something that is completely optional.  I really enjoy using these to add accent and detail to my work.  These are sharpie oil based paint markers and they are completely water proof and will not come out of clothes.  I do recommend them for adding a professional touch.  I bought these on amazon but you can find these in almost any crafting/art store.


A sharpie or black marker.  Used for marking edges and such.


Washi tape.  Again this is something that is completely optional.  Your work will still be amazing without it.  Washi tape is a thin paper tape.  It is something that is fun to use because it can be layered to create different colors and can be used for geometric designs and straight lines.


So now that you have your supplies collected make sure to lay down some news paper or something that can work as a barrier to protect your table. The glue I use is water soluble but things can still get a little messy.


Step 2: Begin flipping through your magazine and collecting images that catch your eye



There is no right or wrong way when it comes to choosing images to use. You can plan a color theme or you can just go crazy and see what happens.  Just have fun and pick out images that are most appealing to you.


Step 3: Establish your background before constructing your foreground



This will help significantly in the long run.  Establishing a back ground provides organization for the foreground you will create.  Often times people will glue down pieces without thinking about weather or not the next piece they glue down is going to cover their current one.  I have done this before many times and on occasion it can turn out really cool.  For best results having a background ready is the way to go.


Step 4: Glue down your background 



This step is pretty self explanatory.


Step 5: Cut excess paper off around edges.



It is much easier to cut off the edges after the paper is glued down.


Step 6: Cut out the center of the record



Cut out the center of the record using an exacto knife.  It is very important to be careful and safe when using an exacto knife or any kind of sharps.  Make sure to cut away from yourself. Always have something under your paper to protect the surface you are working on.  If doing this project with children make sure to do this step for them.


Step 7: Establish foreground 



Lay out your pieces for your foreground and see how they look.  Do you like the images you’ve chose?  Do they seem to fit the concept your are working towards? Glue down your individual pieces and add as much or as little as you would like.


Step 8: Using Washi Tape and Paint Pens to accent your work. 


Washi tape is very thin so it will appear slightly translucent on top of your collage.


But when layered makes cool effects like this.


Sharpie Paint Pens aren’t like regular sharpies.  They act like paint with the accessibility of  a marker or pen.  In this image Cait is using a silver pen to outline pieces she has placed in the foreground of her collage.


Step 9: Paint over with Mod Podge glaze to seal in edges and preserve your work



Mod Podge is white but it dries completely clear.  This specific type Mod Podge I’m using is a matte finish so it will not appear shiny when dry.  There are many different types of Mod Podge that you can buy, so if you do want more of a shiny glaze there is a type Mod Podge out there for you.


Step 10:  You are finished!!!! Show off your beautiful piece of art work to the world!



I hope you enjoyed this super fun and easy project for kids and adults.  When you are finished with your records you can hang them in any space that needs some color.  You and your family will have art that you created all on your own!


If you have any trouble finding free records a lot of record shops have damaged or inexpensive records that sell for as low as a dollar.  I’m sure if you talk to your local record store they would be more than willing to help you find some damaged records for this project.




Article and craft idea created by Jenifer Hunt


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