Celebrate Mother’s Day and pamper mom with some handmade DIY gifts. 



1. Come Together Kids brings us the Artwork Candle!  A fun and simple activity that you can hold onto and display in your house.  Fun for kids of all ages and easy enough that even the little ones can do it.



2.  Check out this psychedelic book mark! Another creative and usable craft for you and your kids to work on.  Happy Hooligans has the info on supplies and how to.



3.  These easy to make scented bath bombs are awesome! Another usable craft that incorporates a little bit of sciences with a whole lot of fun.  Check out Playdough to Plato for instructions.



4. Flower pots are always fun and there’s so many creative things you can do with them!  This pour pot is simple to make and in the end you get a usable piece of art to admire.  A great gift for Mother’s Day from Kids Garden Art.



5. These stepping stones are a great way to save a cherished moment with your child.  Always have a print of their hand or foot.  Use it in your garden or just keep it as a decoration. Check out Family Crafts to see how to make these awesome creations.



6.  Make your own pottery dishes!! Kids will have so much fun molding and painting these dishes.  After they’re ready they are a perfect place to hold small jewelry or coins.  Check out Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails for more information.

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