The weather is getting nicer and the sun is shinning brighter. It’s the perfect time of year to lay out a nice blanket and gather your family together.  Get your picnic baskets stocked with these great picnic tips from my sister in law Cait!


5 Picnic Tips:


1) Plan for foods that store well and can be made in advance…the last thing you want to be doing on a sunny day before a picnic is scrambling to cook that last dish!



2) Don’t be afraid to buy some of the menu at the store to reduce the pressure on yourself…rotisserie chickens are often the same cost as a home roasted cook and one less thing for me to cook!



3) Simple is better, quality simple foods and merely getting outside to enjoy the outdoors makes the picnic special, don’t try to overdo it!



4) Presentation can turn even the most basic foods such as a sandwich into a more special experience…don’t be afraid to find some brightly colored picnic ware (think plates and napkins) at the store


5) Just go! Enjoy the outdoors and friends and loved ones…you won’t have any regrets.




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