Rhyming helps develop an ear for our language


Whether we dream about sitting on a buffet to eat curds and whey, or running up a hill with Jack and Jill, we all have a favorite nursery rhyme. These fun little stories do more than entertain, they help with phonological awareness.


Phonological awareness is the ability to listen to and discriminate between the various sounds that make up language. Educational research indicates there is a correlation between phonological awareness and reading ability.


One of the best ways to encourage phonological awareness is through rhyming. Whether it is reading one of the many wonderfully rhyming Dr. Seuss books or singing Hickory Dickory Dock, we can use rhyming to encourage phonological awareness in our children.


Here are some fun activities to utilize in your rhyming pursuits:


Scat the Cat
Down by the Bay
Rhyming Basket
Rhyming Games
Rhyming Cut and Paste Activities
Rhyming Flowers
Fire Station Rhyme
Rhyming isn’t just for younger children


Do you do rhyming activities with your kids?

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