You know that feeling, the one you get when you are rounding the corner with a full basket of laundry and your eye first catches a glimpse. There it is in all its crayon glory. Beautiful, wide strokes of genius. All over your newly painted, beige wall. You vacillate between horror and joy. Should you put your budding Picasso in time out, or frame the wall for future generations? Maybe both.


These are your child’s first attempts at honing a lifelong skill. Handwriting is a fine motor skill that begins as she takes her first fistful of Cheerios off the high chair and continues through life as she carves out her first words, learns to write cursive, and doodles her first love’s name on a high school notebook.


Activities that boost handwriting practice so kids actually enjoy the process


How then, can we take those scribbled walls and turn him into a handwriting pro? After you lock up the permanent markers, here are some guidelines and fun activities to help him gain more control of those small muscles in his hands and arms:


o  Playdough Learning for Toddlers
o  Preschool Handwriting Activities
o  Tracing Letters Printables
o  Printables for Elementary Kids
o  Handwriting Activities for Elementary Kids


For younger children, many such activities help develop a child’s control of the small muscles of the hands thereby enabling them  to make the precise movements necessary for forming letters and improve hand/eye coordination.


And if your kids are like mine, two boys trying to run away from all handwriting assignments, then these activities and prompts can help them develop a life long interest in writing!

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