Hovercraft Kit

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Build and float this cool hovercraft across the floor or a table.

The Hovercraft Kit is a a build-and-play educational toy kit that teaches kids the concept of wind powered generation. Using propeller-generated force, the hovercraft will hover and travel forward. The hovercraft floats and travels on a cushion of forced air. The propeller's thrust is divided down and behind to generate the power to both move forward and to float.


Learn about the concepts of air pressure, motors and electricity, while sweeping crumbs off of the couch. 

The kit includes: 

Motor base A x 1

Motor holder x 1

Motor base B x 1

Propeller (one spare) x 2

Motor cover x 1

Motor x 1

Rubber band x 1

Duct x 1

Right section x 1

Left section x 1

Bottom section A x 2

Bottom section B x 2

Rudder section x 1

Body x 1

Switch x 1

Plastic conductive wire x 1

Battery holder x 2

Connecting plug x 6

Double-sided tape set (thick) x 1

Paper pattern x 1

Plastic bag x 1

Propeller securing part x 1

Double-sided tape (thin) x 15